B&A Oncomedical, an innovative therapeutic approach for the treatment of incurable cancers.

B&A Oncomedical develops resistant tumor treatment strategies based on restoring an adequate intracellular environment to block metastasis and proliferation.

A proven and administered molecule with well-known side effects

A simple cure for complex diseases

A potentially revolutionary, effective and safe treatmentr

An innovative point of view, recycling an old molecule for new treatment


The treatment B&A Oncomedical is working on consists in chemically blocking high levels of chlorine present in tumor cells, in particular in types of cancer resistant to treatment – glioblastomas, pancreatic, lung or liver cancers. This initiative is based on the observation that these cells create disorder in the ionic balances of many organs (heart, pancreas, intestines, epithelium, etc.). Reducing these levels, by blocking the entry of chlorine into the cell, could block metastases and cell divisions coming with them. This is a tried and tested process in other pathologies, thanks to simple diuretics. B&A Oncomedical is now looking for a molecule with equivalent properties but more effective and with fewer side effects, to treat incurable cancers.

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